Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Next year, in Edinburgh

And guid will tae all.

To all my dwindling band of followers, Merry Christmas and a guid New Year. The dozen or so of youse ken who you are, but especially to George. I've promised him a wee post aw tae his sel as soon I have time tae write it. I'm retiring next week...seriously.


  1. Conan

    retiring from what the world ??????

  2. I've never, ever been a member of the SNP Niko. Was a librarian for a couple of decades.Then I went into Community Safety.

    Look it up.

  3. conan

    Thats not an a pensioner now lol.....grumpy old git

    me grandson age 10 downloaded £350 of games on his playstaion 4 yesterday..which i had pay for Ouch !
    trying to get a refund
    merry xmas to you and family and dugs

  4. You still have me following you when you write, ouch!
    I think Niko criticising anyone is hilarious, and I admire his 10 year old for the temerity, I would not have dared in my misspent youth.
    Wishing you and the family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, we are celebrating Saturnalia this year. Helena and Hektor

  5. Hiya Helena, Merry Christmas to you and Hektor.

    Sweetie and Scruffy give their regards !¬)

  6. Happy New Year to the satirist extraordinaire who was really a librarian, allegedly.

    Fuck ECC, the will beg you to come back out of retiral but you hold fast.

    To you and yours, including dugs, have a peaceful and prosperous New Year. Promise to see you in 2016