Friday, 18 December 2009

Hootsmon Headlines


  1. Oh Conan, I can't possibly nick that with a sweary word on the front page!

  2. Wait. Should that be shat upon? And you a librarian. For shame, Conan! ;-)

  3. Argh, bloody writers.Jeanne is correct of course.My only excuse is the meeja antichrist of beers Tokyo*.Which was being consumed at time of writing.

  4. Conan,

    I'm beginning to suspect the validity of your articles. There are no quotes from Foulkes, Murphy, Gray or the usual leading Labour spokesperson.

    Incidentally, are you old enough to drink responsibly?

    Why have you printed a picture of my game-keeper and one of Odd-Job?

  5. Nice one, C the L, all hats off once more! Especially out-sized tweedy numbers, no offence Murky.

    The cheesey plot thickens, and looks near to curdling point over what we now see can only be described as very odd employment rights practises used by some politicians and less than total veracity from those previoulsy putting the boot in to a man clearly in the grip of a tweed/ hessian obsession while being kippered by cummy tablods.

  6. Hello big boy. So this is your MSM.

    Do you really have a Chateau and was that "special" dress, we ran up in Kobnhavn, for you?

  7. Ayrshire, I thought he went to a charity shop and got the only suit that fitted him just before the interview with the Times.The hat was for comedy effect.
    Unless our mate Oscar is Tonsurially challenged.HeeHee.
    Ah Danish, my Chateau has no moat, but does have a south facing slope, which will soon be sprouting grapevines.According to Gordon that is.

    Bugger; welcome.

  8. Danish, was it a dress to the right or to the left?

  9. Hear tell is a Tutu, Desmond.

  10. I only have tu, Bugger.

    That sounds like I'm complaining...

  11. This silly contract says I have to FINISH writing something--so I won't be aboot as much as usual for a bit. So...

    An early not very christmasy Christmas treat:

    A Bonnie Blue

    And a blythe Yule an a guid Hogmanay!

  12. Och, once ye start scribing for money, ye could end up hoorin yersel at the Scotsman...Hae a guid yin Jeanne.

  13. Conan,

    How come you respond to Danish and not to me, you sexist?

    I fear that your blog is too sophisticated and subtle for NOTW journalists. Be a bit more earthy.

  14. Terribly sorry brownlie, but have you seen her...assets?