Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry ChriFSMas

Aaaargh and avast me hearties. Have a nice time and be excellent to one another.


  1. May you be blessed by his noodly appendage

    Bigskelf (Pastor)

  2. Just realised you have been haunting the Daily Torygraph and taking the piss out of the swivel eyed. Jeez they are about 5-10 years behind in arguments.

    I know who Hootsfandago is but the other civilised guy seems somehow familiar.

    Anyway Hogmanay beckons and I won bugger all on the Euromillions this night.

    Never mind €50 M on Friday.

  3. We've come a long way, eh, Niko?

    Ramen, Bigskelf.

    Aye, even Niko Wolfie.

    Cheers Tris ma man.

  4. Aye Wolfie, it's much more fun than the Hootsmon these days.