Saturday 21 December 2013

NATivity scene

It's been some year.

The highlight for me was the march for Independence in September. Meeting like minded folk outside the Albanach was braw fun, putting faces to monikers, the spectacular save of a pint as someone (They ken who they are) clipped their heels coming out the door... The march itself (has anyone got a photo of me wielding the club attached to the WoS flag?) and the craic in the Waterloo Buffet afterwards.

The nadir was the ambulance trip to St John's A&E on the early morning of Friday the thirteenth of December. I thought it was my heart, the wise NHS staff new better. I'd suffered a bleeding ulcer for nearly two weeks and had lost a lot of blood. They gave me five units before being happy with my blood count.

So, I've been out since Wednesday, getting my blood pressure up again by reading the Telegraph, being pampered by sisters, my daughter and my returned wife.

Merry Christmas.

Wednesday 11 December 2013