Monday 25 January 2010


It's been a year since I started this blog, and what a year it's been.I didn't know if I could write well enough to hold anybody's attention for a few seconds; I had the vague idea of cutting and pasting stuff off the net and passing it off as mine, but of course if I could find stuff of the net then Mr Anybody could too.
Humour. I could do homour, nobody minded passing on jokes did they?I loved Private Eye, even if it was a teensy bit public schoolboy and London oriented, could I do a Scots version of that?
The Hootsmon was born...
People seem to like it, and I'm grateful for all the comments, even the ones complaining about the grammar(You ken who you are Jeanne;¬)).
Yet perhaps it's time to move on; should I become a more "serious" blogger?
Or are there enough political bloggers out there with their heids up their ain erses..?

Tuesday 19 January 2010

William Pollock McLaren CBE 1923 – 2010

One of the most memorable sports commentators of my childhood along with Peter O'Sullivan's hoarse hearsay and Arthur Montford's strobing jackets.
"I'm no hod carrier but I'd be laying bricks if he was running at me." (About Jonah Lomu).
RIP Bill.

Tuesday 5 January 2010

Not the Hootsmon Headlines

Ever since I first saw the, ahem, Minister of Defence, I had the niggling feeling I had seen him before...
Thanks to Viz and the Bottom Inspectors.