Monday 25 January 2010


It's been a year since I started this blog, and what a year it's been.I didn't know if I could write well enough to hold anybody's attention for a few seconds; I had the vague idea of cutting and pasting stuff off the net and passing it off as mine, but of course if I could find stuff of the net then Mr Anybody could too.
Humour. I could do homour, nobody minded passing on jokes did they?I loved Private Eye, even if it was a teensy bit public schoolboy and London oriented, could I do a Scots version of that?
The Hootsmon was born...
People seem to like it, and I'm grateful for all the comments, even the ones complaining about the grammar(You ken who you are Jeanne;¬)).
Yet perhaps it's time to move on; should I become a more "serious" blogger?
Or are there enough political bloggers out there with their heids up their ain erses..?


  1. Conan, old chum,

    Why not do a bit of both? I would certainly miss your "Hootsmon" but would also like to see your more serious side. Look forward to seeing you on "Have I got news for you".

  2. Aye Conan, there's plenty o' them but nane wi' ony sense o' humour.

    I will continue to read you every day regardless.

    Have you organised your prints as yet? I'll help advertise them. Oh you could take lessons in picture framing then sell them for even more. ;)

    Just a thought...

  3. I suppose I was worried about becoming a one trick pony Brownlie, it was written last night Under The Influence, and I had to do a bit of editing this morning...I missed the o in humour though:¬)
    I don't know Rosa, I've kept ads off my site so far, selling prints would be um...a sellout I think.

  4. Ah've enjoyed yer Hootsman posts no end Conan. Ah look forward tae seein yer heid up yer erse though.

  5. Do your own thing Conan, it's your blog after all :o)

  6. Bugrit. The Hootsmon continues.
    My in-depth analysis of the voting intentions of one legged Asian lesbians, complete with bar charts and annotations is forever condemned to languish in the Muirhouse Crescent Social Work Department's hard drives...

  7. The voting intentions of one legged Asian lesbians caught my attention straightaway!

    Seriously, glad that the Hootsman is going to continue as it’s a cracking read, I think a lot of people would probably appreciate some articles on your blog as well so I hope you give it a go.

    Now, about those one legged…

  8. Noooo! You can't "move on".

    I'll never mention grammar again--I swear it on a stack of Rabbir Burns verses.

  9. *ahem* Rabbie Burns

    By the way, have all of you found this?

    Caledonian Mercury

    It's something actually akin to news reporting and from Scotland which is news in itself. I'm told Rab McNeil is well-known in your parts although he was new to me and reading his Holyrood sketches was worth the trip.

  10. After a great Burns night celebration, from a rather drunken US lassie to my friends in Scotland:

    A Man's a Man

  11. Steady on Conan, you're one of the few Scotsmen I can claim as a personal fiend.....(sic or typo?)

  12. Donald, there may be something in the pipeline...
    I ken about it Jeanne, Rab is quite funny, I used to know him years ago.
    I quite like the idea the idea of being an Englishman's personal fiend Hogday...