Sunday 26 August 2012

Another Step

I remember watching man take a small step one night...

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Hootsmon Headlines

I remember being sent 'for the rations' to the local grocer with my elder sister, as we were the youngest of a huge tribe of older siblings, all of who were in higher education or had their own part time jobs.
Between us we carried an ancient shopping bag by having a handle each, so our puny wee muscles could carry quite a lot.
We handed the handwritten note over to the Elder Grocer if we could (he would 'gie us a sweetie' where as his '& Son' wouldn't). Amazing as it would seem today, the list always included a gill of whisky and a can of McEwans Pale Ale, given to a six and a nine year old without  a murmur...

Now what happened next, depended on the amount of change and if we had gotten sweeties or not.
Off to John Menzies, just opposite, we'd either get a comic and a sweetie, or two comics; I'd get the Victor or the Hotspur, my sister would get the Bunty, the Beano or the Dandy or both if the finances were right.

Farewell my old non pc friend.

Monday 6 August 2012

August 6 1945

As I said on another blog, "I have kept quiet about many SNP policies I disagreed with to avoid the Judean's Popular front meltdown, which would be leapt upon by the unionists with glee".

Peter Curran replied to me “There are times when it is wrong to remain silent, Sean. This is one of them.”

Reluctantly, for I know what's coming, I agree with him. Removing the obscenities in Faslane was one of the mainstays of SNP policy. Staying in NATO weakens that position.

And I didn't like price controls on alcohol either...