Wednesday 15 August 2012

Hootsmon Headlines

I remember being sent 'for the rations' to the local grocer with my elder sister, as we were the youngest of a huge tribe of older siblings, all of who were in higher education or had their own part time jobs.
Between us we carried an ancient shopping bag by having a handle each, so our puny wee muscles could carry quite a lot.
We handed the handwritten note over to the Elder Grocer if we could (he would 'gie us a sweetie' where as his '& Son' wouldn't). Amazing as it would seem today, the list always included a gill of whisky and a can of McEwans Pale Ale, given to a six and a nine year old without  a murmur...

Now what happened next, depended on the amount of change and if we had gotten sweeties or not.
Off to John Menzies, just opposite, we'd either get a comic and a sweetie, or two comics; I'd get the Victor or the Hotspur, my sister would get the Bunty, the Beano or the Dandy or both if the finances were right.

Farewell my old non pc friend.


  1. That reminds me that I've got loads of old "Commando" comic books I got from a friend of my dad's. I bring them out whenever I want to brush up on my German and Japanese. Didn't they have ugly and brutal soldiers whilst our guys were handsome and heroic?

  2. Jings, crivens! I thoucht for a moment it was you when it said "Old Comic To Close". 8)

    However the strength of the Dandy went when Aunt Aggie stopped feeding him two cow pies. A man has got to keep his vittles up or he fades away or he did in those days; you were up and walked to your work for the 8 o'clock hooter, on your feet all day working and then the race to the pub at the finishing hooter. The great thing about an Edinburgh childhood was when the money was tight and you were sent for broken biscuits, they were mostly digestives but you could get bourbons, ginger snaps, even fly cemeterys. My big sister got all of mine till Mum said they were called Garibaldis and it was dried fruit.

  3. Saw Phil Jupitus last night on the review show with the "Coalition" show he his doing at the festival. If ever there is a satire on the independence debate Jupitus MUST play Cochrane simply because of physical resemblence. The question is can he master a Dundonian accent----

    Noticing the Herald is getting a bit hostile to the SNP. Is this due to the Record's Magnus Gardham taking over as political editor---

  4. Ah, the Dandy. My brother and myself were very lucky. My grannie had the editor of the Evening Tele lodge with her and he used to give us all the children's comics.

    We passed them onto our pals and us children devised quite a complex 'hand-on' schedule. It seemed to work well and therefore a couple of dozen children enjoyed all the comics for free.

    If I remember there were more comics for boys than girls. Typical. :)

  5. Dandy was the first thing I ever read. The 'Black Bob' stories were early science fiction, and all written out, real stories! just one picture.

    What innocent times. My first job was with the village 'Copey' (Cooperative) and the manager was very scary. An old lady asked me for two ounces of corned beef. I weighed out two ounces. That's not two ounces - she said - I want to speak to the manager. I was terrified. The manager appeared, breathing fire, and wrapped up four ounces of corn beef. That's two ounces for pensioners, he explained.

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