Thursday 30 July 2009

Corporate Social Responsiblity. Aye Right.

So now Scotland won't get any investment because the government interferes too much.

With a megaphone.

Monday 27 July 2009

Just not Decticus verrucivorus

Some people love it, others don't.
Even in England.

Thursday 23 July 2009

Remember them

The news about our troops in Afghanistan recently brought back memories of relatives who had seen war and came back changed.Changed utterly.(Thanks WBY.)

My father, grandfather and great grandfather were all sailors, my father joining during the war as a boy seaman.

He trained at HMS Ganges and was a button boy.His head for heights wasn't hereditary, believe me!

He later served in HMS Victorious in the Far East Squadron, I remember seeing a photograph of him and a shipmate standing in the desolate ruin that was Hiroshima.
He died of stomach cancer in 1964, still in his thirties.

My stepfather was a short stocky man with bandy legs, like so many others who had grown up in Clydeside during the thirties.He joined the Royal Scots Fusiliers as soon as he could which may have saved his life, for he lost thirteen members of his family in the Clydebank blitz in 1941.

His battalion was in the 52nd Lowland Division, which with a degree of irony was designated a Mountain Division. He learned to ski and drive a Bren gun carrier.I still have his operating manual.

The division trained long and hard for an invasion of Norway, so there was no suprise when it was sent to Holland in 1944.

Now, some fifteen years after he had died, I got talking to an old gent in Stockbridge library.

He was wearing a deerstalker, so we started a wee chat about shooting which turned into a conversation about his military service. He had been in the RSF in Holland, and he told me about one time that his platoon had came under fire from a sniper.

"Awbody jumped intae the ditch except fur the Bren gunner, wha returned fire."

He was looking into the far distance.

"The sniper hit the magazine o' the Bren and that's whit saved his life, he just took a dunt oan the heid wi' the magazine."

My stepfather, a Bren gunner, had had a silver plate in the right hand side of his head...

Wednesday 22 July 2009

A Delaying Action

I hope Geordie meets General Dannatt in a London club, he may get some very black balls.

Tuesday 21 July 2009

Sadistic necrophiliac bestiality

I do feel sometimes, going on about the Scotsman bias, is indeed flogging a dead horse.
The words in the headline above all appeared on the last few Hootsmon articles on the SNP, with a few "Denials" and "Claims" thrown in.
Meltdown is the favoured one of the moment, but the old favourites "Accused" and " Attacked" still feature heavily.

Monday 20 July 2009

SNP sectarian snob snubs Uni

When will it end?
Kerr is now a snob, apparently.
I'm just waiting for the rhyming slang.

Saturday 18 July 2009

Mud sticks

Apparently the SNP candidate for Glasgow NE, is not sectarian "aware" enough, according to the Hootsmon.
This is due to a paragraph in an in house magazine written four or five years ago.
There isn't the problem there was in 1945.
And it's a huge problem now, compared to what it will be in 2045.
If we had secular schooling NOW, it would be over in a generation...

Thursday 16 July 2009

Maddox Knox the SNP.Again.

I see the poor old Scottish Government is getting it again, this time for not celebrating the anniversary of the Reformation.
Yet when the Westminster Government ignored the much more significant anniversary, that of the Union, there was deafening silence...

Wednesday 15 July 2009

The higher an ape climbs...

...the more you see of its large red arse.

Ok ok, I just couldn't resist it...

Tuesday 14 July 2009

Digging to China

I see Geordie Foulkes is using he Freedom of Information Act again.
I suppose he's working on the premise that if he keeps digging, some flecks of dirt will stick to Salmond.
And to hell with the cost to the taxpayer.

Saturday 11 July 2009

The Cava for bucks sake!

I've just recovered from my daughters 21st.

The cost of hiring a stretch limo, but that's only money.

Sixteen stilletto heels, and their effect upon my lovely polished floor, but that can be repaired.

Using money.

Using rather expensive Champagne for Bucks Fizz, instead of the Cava set aside for it, is just plain bloody annoying.

Especially as I had to drink the Cava.

But the look on my daughter's face, was indeed, priceless.

Friday 10 July 2009

The Hunt For SNP Scapegoats

Removing Trident from Scotland was going to cost thousands of jobs, said Labour, way back when.
Now Trident is going to be "cut back" by a UK Government, I wonder how many of those jobs will remain...

Thursday 9 July 2009

A deliberate slight or affront.

Another amazing piece of bias from the Hootsmon today.

Wednesday 8 July 2009

He's Leven hame

It's 1984.Thatcherism was peaking.
Distillers hasn't yet been taken over by another rival firm, helped by the larcenous bunch of thieves known as "The Guinness Four".(One of them has another claim to fame, while in prison he developed Alzeimhers and was released early; he then got better, still the only person recorded in medical science to do so.)
Vat69 and Johnny Walker Red Label had been chosen, amongst other Distillers brands, to be taken out of the EEC countries markets; the reason being a Common Market resolution that the brands be retailed for the same amount in every EEC country.
That meant a large drop in production for those brands taken off and the smaller bottling halls of Haigs of Markinch and William Sandersons of South Queensferry were earmarked for closure.
The unions were tipped off by Tam Dalyell, the then MP for Queensferry, who had heard about it on his Etonian Old Boys network.
A protest commitee was formed, with futile attempts to save several hundred jobs.In one face to face meeting with a high heid yin from London, a nervous young shop steward managed to pin him down about if the plant made a profit.
"Yes," was the bald answer" but not enough." He looked down at his expensive cufflinks as he said it, not meeting my gaze.
Perhaps it was then I became a Nationalist.A product which from start to finish was made in Scotland by Scots-and here was this upper class Englishman saying that we weren't making enough profit!

Of course we lost the battle with the London executive.

Perhaps if there had been a Government in Edinburgh things may have been different...

Tuesday 7 July 2009

Going Postal

Of course I may be paranoid.
It's just a couple of unlikely coincidences isn't it?
That the postal vote was 300% higher than it had ever been.
And then they went missing, something that's never happened before.
I wonder if modern forensic science would have been able to trace DNA on these forms...Ah well we'll probably never know now.

Thursday 2 July 2009

When Saturday comes

The Telegraph made a hurriedly corrected booboo, about Murray being the First English Player to qualify for the semi-finals since the year dot.
Just goes to show in the mindset of some patronising English journos, Scots are still British when winning and Scots when losing.
British meaning English of course.

A Telegraph journo being interviewed by the BBC after Andy Murray's knife edge defeat.

"We will have a dartboard in the office tomorrow with Murray's face on it."