Thursday 30 July 2009

Corporate Social Responsiblity. Aye Right.

So now Scotland won't get any investment because the government interferes too much.

With a megaphone.


  1. This is what we need, a government that will not bend over for big businesses. What a shambles the Scotsman is. They would have been shouting from the maddox soap box if this company was doing the same in Edinburgh, oh that's right, the people in Kilmarnock don't read the Scotsman.

    Good on the First Minister and up the snippets.

  2. Superb as usual. I now feel more inadequate than ever not being able to do smart things on this machine.

  3. amw

    dyed in the wool conservative...says...well I dont believe it

  4. I used to pass through Killie quite frequently on the bus. Another grey town that could have been a gem but for labour's love of Eastern European socialist architecture and town planning. But now they have discovered the joys of free market capitalism and another Scottish community is abandoned as a consequence.