Tuesday 14 July 2009

Digging to China

I see Geordie Foulkes is using he Freedom of Information Act again.
I suppose he's working on the premise that if he keeps digging, some flecks of dirt will stick to Salmond.
And to hell with the cost to the taxpayer.


  1. As I see it, it can only do Salmond good. It will remind the people that he was prepared to do something about the warmonger Blair when others did nothing.

    What was done in Iraq was totally inexcusable. Shock and Awe must have been the most horrific experience for the Iraqis in Bagdhad. Who can blame them for hating us? We killed thousands of totally innocent people and maimed many more in night after night of terrifying bombing. (OK, I know it was the Americans who actually did it, but Blair was complicit.)

    This stupid and utterly unnecessary war not only cost tens of thousands of lives, it also cost this country billions of dollars, which need not have been spent, and were, only to make Blair look important; part of Bush's team, the top table.... and to allow him to stride the world looking like he mattered.

    The money isn't important compared with the lives, but seeing as that stupid little obsessive Foulkes is making a fuss about £700, perhaps he'd like to reflect on what the war cost in financial terms.

    And then compare it with the money he's complaining about, that many people, nationalist or not, Scots and English alike thought was well spent.

    Foulkes will go down in history as a petty, stupid, greedy thicko.

  2. A good comment Tris.But you forgot drunk...

  3. Conan,

    I doubt if our George could "keep it up".