Thursday 2 July 2009

When Saturday comes

The Telegraph made a hurriedly corrected booboo, about Murray being the First English Player to qualify for the semi-finals since the year dot.
Just goes to show in the mindset of some patronising English journos, Scots are still British when winning and Scots when losing.
British meaning English of course.

A Telegraph journo being interviewed by the BBC after Andy Murray's knife edge defeat.

"We will have a dartboard in the office tomorrow with Murray's face on it."


  1. This was discussed on Talksport this week and the presenters said that's exactly how it always will be.

    Not when we're independent it won't.

    Luv your skills with photoshop or whatever. Is Brownlie ok Conan?

  2. I think he's on his travels again subrosa.

  3. I've been watching the matches on ESPN and enjoying the confusion/consternation of the folks on Mount Murray.

    He's now definitely British ... and the Scottish thing doesn't count. Just like with the oil.

    I'm with Subrosa re: yer photoshop skills - well done laddie.

  4. Him and tennis is not a good combo for me, Conan. Its a bit like: `I find tennis terminally boring but I like most things Scottish even though I can't always understand what they mean or say`.

  5. It irritates the shit out of me as well, when in the '94 world cup, the Republic Of Ireland were said to have the hopes of the 'British Isles' weighing on their shoulders. Not since 1916 they havent you cunts!