Saturday 11 July 2009

The Cava for bucks sake!

I've just recovered from my daughters 21st.

The cost of hiring a stretch limo, but that's only money.

Sixteen stilletto heels, and their effect upon my lovely polished floor, but that can be repaired.

Using money.

Using rather expensive Champagne for Bucks Fizz, instead of the Cava set aside for it, is just plain bloody annoying.

Especially as I had to drink the Cava.

But the look on my daughter's face, was indeed, priceless.


  1. Think positive Conan - you survived it!!

  2. I think I may have seen them on Saturday evening in Edinburgh - all dressed in pink stockings and matching T shirts? drinking straight from the bottles?? Pink stretched Limo???

  3. Nah Hogday, it was a cream Lincoln and they were all colour-coded.
    But drinking from the bottle is a definite possiblity;¬)

  4. Ps to your comments on my blog - we did see that Lincoln pulling in at the top of `The Mile` on Saturday, mind you there were lots of party people - what must the foreigners think ;)

  5. Very unusual dog you've got there in admitting to being the daddy. Did you have it DNAed? Hurray, I can post again!!

  6. Do ladies still wear stilettos - I haven't looked for ages?

    btw: keep up the good work!