Wednesday 8 July 2009

He's Leven hame

It's 1984.Thatcherism was peaking.
Distillers hasn't yet been taken over by another rival firm, helped by the larcenous bunch of thieves known as "The Guinness Four".(One of them has another claim to fame, while in prison he developed Alzeimhers and was released early; he then got better, still the only person recorded in medical science to do so.)
Vat69 and Johnny Walker Red Label had been chosen, amongst other Distillers brands, to be taken out of the EEC countries markets; the reason being a Common Market resolution that the brands be retailed for the same amount in every EEC country.
That meant a large drop in production for those brands taken off and the smaller bottling halls of Haigs of Markinch and William Sandersons of South Queensferry were earmarked for closure.
The unions were tipped off by Tam Dalyell, the then MP for Queensferry, who had heard about it on his Etonian Old Boys network.
A protest commitee was formed, with futile attempts to save several hundred jobs.In one face to face meeting with a high heid yin from London, a nervous young shop steward managed to pin him down about if the plant made a profit.
"Yes," was the bald answer" but not enough." He looked down at his expensive cufflinks as he said it, not meeting my gaze.
Perhaps it was then I became a Nationalist.A product which from start to finish was made in Scotland by Scots-and here was this upper class Englishman saying that we weren't making enough profit!

Of course we lost the battle with the London executive.

Perhaps if there had been a Government in Edinburgh things may have been different...


  1. If there had been a Government in Edinburgh things would just have been the same I'm afraid.

    Its not a change of government we need it's a change of economic system.

    "And this life activity [the worker] sells to another person in order to secure the necessary means of life. ... He works that he may keep alive. He does not count the labor itself as a part of his life; it is rather a sacrifice of his life. It is a commodity that he has auctioned off to another."

    Marx, Wage Labour and Capital (1847)

  2. My Grandpa was called John Walker and he took lots of stick because he preferred the malt.

    Have you seen the non-story in the Scotsman about Salmond supposedly snubbing Diego? I'd more than snub them I tell ye!

  3. And yet we are assured that protectionism is a bad thing - even Salmond would agree with that sentiment. Oh aye - it's much better tae allow foreigners tae control yer economic future.

  4. Scunnert

    so what do you gain with an snp Government in an Independent Scotland who follow the present economic orthodoxy

  5. We gain the taxes Niko, which floppy haired Boris is currently claiming as London's.

  6. conan

    So a Scottish overlord is better than an English overlord and how does that make peoples lives any easier?

  7. One has to live near you and the other one doesn't.

  8. Heh Postie, how are you doing?Excuse me while I talk to Niko in wee sma' words.
    The difference Niko, is that we (Scots) can vote them out of "our" parliament if we find them not up to scratch.
    And we will never be able to vote them out of an English one.
    Sorry, British one.


  9. conan

    Um! whats the parliament got to do with it if the economics are the same it is irrelevant who is in power or where the end result is the same.

    the few exploit the many and the many suffer...

  10. Oh Flying Spaghetti Monster Niko!
    The Effing Government of a proper country DECIDES the effing economic system of the aforesaid country.
    The Great British state has too many people with vested interest in the status quo e.g. the Monarchy and all their hangers on.

    In. An. Independent. Scotland. We. Can. Become. A. Republic.

    In a Union with England THAT will never happen.