Saturday 18 July 2009

Mud sticks

Apparently the SNP candidate for Glasgow NE, is not sectarian "aware" enough, according to the Hootsmon.
This is due to a paragraph in an in house magazine written four or five years ago.
There isn't the problem there was in 1945.
And it's a huge problem now, compared to what it will be in 2045.
If we had secular schooling NOW, it would be over in a generation...


  1. Oh, Conan, you've ruined my corsets with the Niko picture and caption. I never realised he was that good-looking.

  2. He's not only ruined my corsets too brownlie, but he's just cost me several changes in incontinence pads.

  3. Och subrosa, brownlie is wee free...

  4. Conan

    I have been told in law i could claim substantial damages for defamation leaving you bankrupt and me in possession of your muts.

    Which i would with malice aforethought place in a home for unwanted dogs..

    you have been warned

    What the proprietorship of these(conans) papers is aiming at is power, but power without responsibility—the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages.’

    s Baldwin

  5. You have displeased your god Niko.
    You will do unnatural things to a pogo stick.

  6. Conan,

    Taking the saddle off Niko's bike would be more effective than a pogo stick.

    Actually, Brownlie is not a wee free, he's a Buddhist - not a very good one but still a Buddhist.