Tuesday 7 July 2009

Going Postal

Of course I may be paranoid.
It's just a couple of unlikely coincidences isn't it?
That the postal vote was 300% higher than it had ever been.
And then they went missing, something that's never happened before.
I wonder if modern forensic science would have been able to trace DNA on these forms...Ah well we'll probably never know now.


  1. "Not suspicious at all" is an awesome tag. Might use it myself

    Also, I think they'd find it difficult to trace most of the population - we don't have compulsory biometric ID cards with DNA data..yet.

    But this is definitely fishy...it worries me.

  2. Labour = Crooks and Charlatans and should be horsewhipped. Bastards.

  3. Still nothing about the missing register. I'm surprised the SNP don't talk more about it and of course the postal votes. Then of course there's the Irish business which helps ...

  4. Well as long as labour won.....

  5. Nikos, do you hate the SNP as much as Millibland?

  6. can i volunteer to shove that banana up milicunts arse?