Tuesday 10 November 2009

Not the Hootsmon Headlines

"The messy fudge of the commission's proposals and their arbitrary nature are subject to a number of significant flaws which make them demonstrably inferior to the fiscal levers available to an independent country."

Forgive me for for rehashing an old post, the above statement from the SNP made me do it.

And the voices.

John Bull's condiment of choice, perfect for the Union of British bullshit and Scots bread; slather it on thick, but keep oil out of the recipe.


  1. Thanks, Browndov and JRMacClure, for sending all Brian's readers my way.

  2. Conan Can you produce a Scotsman front page which says "Sorry, not one 'SNP accused, criticised, policy ditched/in tatters, attacked by CBI, popularity waning' article today. We tried but we've scraped the barrel dry"

  3. "Andrew, I do satire not fantasy..."

    That's wan ae yer best yet:0)

  4. Well said Conan, but I know you feel my pain....