Friday 9 July 2010

Hootsmon Comments

I thought it was about time to open the front page on the Hootsmon, and where better to do it than on a "randomly" selected collection of comments? It's a bit of an in joke, but then that's the Scotsman, so what the hell.

Please leave a comment ;¬)


  1. Sorry Subrosa, these were meant to enlarge, for some reason they're not doing it.

  2. Hi Conan, The problem is that for some reason you haven't included the link to the larger images in the code for the page.

  3. Hi Conan the top one's working now but not the bottom one.

  4. I've tried four times now Doug; I'm off to the pub two hours late. I'll try later(and make a complete erse of it nae doot).

  5. Can't do "Arf arf" any more in the Hootsmon; its anti-spam barrier insists on punctuation.

    It needs to be:

    Arf. Arf.

  6. "Au contraire, Blackadder."

    As long as you leave off the "http", they're fine.

  7. I've been thinking about your little parody. (This is sad.)

    Why "21/08/1805"? Trafalgar was 21 October.

    I try really hard not to promote nuclear power, I just like slagging off the inadequacies of renewables.

    And you missed out "Got it yet?"

    As for RTF, are you implying he has something to do with a mysterious minor character in the Matrix?

  8. HeeHee.
    Cheers for biting.(I hope you aren't too sad...)
    I did indeed miss out "Got it yet?" as I always thought it was rather rude and beneath you.
    As a British Gentleman.
    The zero eight for October was probably an 8 equals October thing.
    Blame Glenmorangie.
    And Westmalle.

  9. I think Ruf always has *interesting* monikers.
    BTW Lazerus Long? Ye ken whit he did tae his mother...

  10. I was wondering when someone would point out one of LL's more interesting activities - no surprise it was you.

    But it was OK, since LL had a perfect genome with no recessives - so genetically speaking, he could shag who he liked.

    And in the literary sense, Maureen was an alter ego for RAH's real-life spouse Ginny, (as were most of his female characters from around 1965), so that was OK too.

  11. Heinlein, Clarke and Azimov were a major part of my teen years Smee.
    Probably yours too?
    As well as Zelazny, Farmer, Pohl, Anderson and Tolkien of course...

  12. "Heinlein, Clarke and Azimov were a major part of my teen years Smee.
    Probably yours too?"

    Oh yes.

    "As well as Zelazny, Farmer, Pohl, Anderson"


    " and Tolkien of course... "

    Absolutely. My first JRRT was the Silmarillion, actually. This may account for a few things.

    Frank Herbert, EE Smith, Ben Bova, Greg Benford, Bob Forward, AE Van Vogt, John Wyndham, Niven & Pournelle, Kim Stanley Robinson.

    They ought to teach more SF in English classes at schools; it has ideas, and it implants the notion that things can change, and for the better.