Friday 10 September 2010

Hootsmon Headlines

Rage triumphed over grief.

The Sky Pixie believers on one side wanted to burn some bound bits of paper.

The Sky Pixie believers on the other side burnt some cloth daubed with stars and stripes.

And threatened death to anyone that may be on the other side.

Sandal slapping goatfuckers, as a friend of mine once said.


  1. What concerns me deeply is that this idiotic man with his church and its 50 nut jobs, is putting the life of every American, and Western, possibly Eastern too, soldier or aid worker in Afghanistan at risk.

    I’m surprised that the father of some American serviceman hasn’t taken this dick wit out with his hunting rifle, before his lad gets blown up as a reprisal. If I were the local sheriff I’d lift him for puting servicemen’s lives at risk.

    People who live in authoritarian states just cannot conceive and cannot be persuaded that the American government has no power whatsoever to forbid this man to burn Qurans. So they blame the government. There have already been riots across half the world and all because this weirdo thinks that it’s his business to burn the holy book of another religion.

    German troops have had to deal with some sort of siege. God knows what’s coming next.

    I hope his god understands his logic, I sure as hell don’t. But I wonder how he would feel if, to commemorate the anniversary of some horror perpetrated on a Muslim country by Americans, say for example the shooting down of an Iranian jet liner on a scheduled flight, a group of nut job Muslims decided to burn his holy book ?(Whatever that is.)

    The sooner we are out of Afghanistan the better. It’s not our business what goes on there. We have shown ourselves to be bettered by Osama Bin Laden and if we can’t catch him after 10 years i don’t expect we ever will.

    I’m glad you’re back. The world is a little less dreary for that. I’m sorry about the rant. I just feel that some more extreme religious (of whatever faith) people would do well to try thinking about the consequences of their outrageousness before opening their big stupid mouths.

  2. What intrigues me about this whole matter is how this numpty managed to get this amount of publicity. We're living in a world of tabloids I suppose.

    Hope today goes ok Conan.

  3. Thanks Bugger.

    Tris, no apology needed for your "rant" :¬)

    Rosa, we always dread funerals, and end up having a good time with people we have not seen for years.

    Life, does indeed, go on.

  4. Conan,

    I once commented somewhere that your blog reminds us that there is still laughter as well as tears in life. Today is a prime illustration of that. It may not seem like it today but, as you say, life goes on.

  5. I tried to organise a Burn "The Origin Of The Species" day and invited a number of scientists to attend. It proved impossible to decide on a venue because of profound disagreements over the weather forecasts.

  6. Brownlie, got pished wi ma nephews the day.

    Was guid.

    Demetrius, ye should have got Kropotkin to round them up.

    And shoot them.

  7. Look here Conan, never mind Americans burning Koreans, and Medieval lies - it's the supremely evil SNP tax we should all be worried about........ why if they get away with this, they'll want to run their own country next. And more than likely wont want to burn Koreans or spout medievel lies at anyone....well apart from two well known ballfooting clubs; located to the west of this, the best, wee, bankrupt country in Europe, who may well want to spout some latter day medievel nonsense at people!

  8. Ah Dram, I've tried to "lose" that article before...

  9. Conan,

    No, you haven't, Lord George, you know that it's a subliminal message to Scottish voters. You can fool some of the people etc etc.

  10. Ah Brownlie, can I bribe you to shut the fuck up?
    A Ten year old Macallan...and an old lady thrown in...

  11. Throwing old ladies seems to be your forte, George, but, as you have asked so nicely, I will shut up and never mention your Lordliness again before you set the dogs on me! As your biggest (6'4") fan I am deeply distressed by your Maddoxian attitude! I am not susceptible to bribes but can you make it a Glenfiddich instead?

    PS: Have you got your own red seat in the Lords?

  12. Conan,

    Sorry, I forgot to say Bye Bye.

  13. Conan,

    No, still waiting - problems with my travel docs. I only put that in to fool you into sending on the Glenfiddich!