Tuesday 26 October 2010

Hootsmon Headlines


  1. Yer cork answer is up

    Like the edition well today Sunny C, yer back on top form.

    Bugger (the Panda)

  2. you mean learn Latvian.............get up to speed......
    Talking to a lad who is a friend of me son(Both carpenters) he said on the site he works they have so many different nationalities that when they have a site meting each group has a translator to explain what ever the site agent etc said to his respective nationality ...

    so obviously the meetings were a total mess he told it a lot funnier with all these blokes
    asking if they could say it again and they didnt understand..........etc

    so a five minute meeting takes forever and nobody knows what was said

  3. As usual too near the mark for comfort.

  4. Thanks Bugger.

    Latvian Niko? I've met a lot of Poles in my job, but only a handful of Baltic states citizens.

  5. Just missed you Rosa.

    This one you mean?



  6. We have a few Latvians and Lithuanians along with the Poles. However, a number of the Lat's and Lit's seem to me to be from the Russian minorities, remaining from the Cold War. Before anyone gets ethnic about all this they ought to take a good look at the DNA patterns in these places. A good many of them are relatively near cousins if you go back to the last Ice Age, which is not very long ago.

  7. Niko - you have carelessly omitted a punchline or indeed any easily identifiable purpose to your contribution here. Yet again. Have you recently bought a plasma ray TV by any chance?

    Other than serving as a slightly dull New Labour "British Jobs for British Workers" cautionary tale of un-international gibberish your post is reminiscent of the type of thing Gordon Brown himself would have grinned at first hand when subjected to it only to denounce you a bit later, accidentally and on microphone, as a dreadful bigotted old lady. Given your saggy old muffin tops he may have added fat to compund the gender confusion.

  8. Conan,

    Take no notice of that horrid Ayrshire Scot who's too lazy to get off his fat ass and open his long-awaited blog.

    Incidentally, your comment in a previous post about "third-world hell-holes" did not go down well in the Hebrides!

  9. Top form there Conan.. worth the wait.

    Of course, I'd be happy to see Balmoral be removed so that the Queen of England would have her holiday home. The president of Scotland won't have need of it.

    Oh and I purchased some garlic and a stake myself this morning.

    We will have to make sure when the time comes!

    I wish Ayrshire would hurry up and open the blog though.

  10. PS... I see that Brownlie's back from causing havoc all over the world...

  11. tris,

    Wee free Buddists create harmony, not havoc. Pity some of our ultra right-wing political leaders are not wee free Buddists.