Friday 6 May 2011

Hootsmon Headlines

What can I say that hasn't been said countless times today?



  1. He he he he he he he he....

    Great, innit?

  2. Let “we in Scotland” join you and say “Rejoice at that news”!

  3. Magnifico! Viva Salmondo! Viva la revolucion!

  4. Haha. Excellent as usual, Conan.

    "Election special: Oh Christ what are we going to do now?"

    Gotta love it. From what I've seen, gracious behavior in the face of defeat is something that some have yet to learn (though I must admit Gray made a stab at it).

    I also enjoyed Milliband saying how he'd straighten out the Scottish party. How nice of him.

  5. About time I say Mr Conan, you have been slacking recently.

  6. Tris, Munguin, David
    It's Scottish National Partytime!
    Joanne, keep meaning to post at your bit, but I've been cutting and pasting old comments back to thier owners on the Scotsman.Braw fun.
    CH, he seems to be keeping his "head" down...
    Your Lordship
    It's been a couple of very busy and, to be honest, drunken days for me. Back to babysitting now...

  7. Still laughing..... in fact I may have to hospitalised for a grinectomy... ma jaw's ur aching since yesterday morning!

  8. Hi Hazel. Anymore videos on the way?

  9. What sort of videos you into Old Chap?

    I could send over a couple acrobats from Mme Claude's and a camera crew for when you sober up?

    Just ask.

  10. Conan

    He is dead some loony Nationalists nailed him to a fucking tree i mean you don't get much deader than that....

    from Niko Mr M's Dad

    I'll be sorting out his burial/wake later


    Pedant(and a ungracious one at that unlike kindly cuddly Conan) so you

  11. Acrobats Your Lordship? The only tumblers I'm interested in are ones full of whisky.

    So make sure they're drunk.

    Niko's dad. I'm sad for your loss. It's bad enough losing your precious one; but having it nailed to a tree is terrible.

  12. Conan

    oh, my sides. Another great Hootman. Mind you I have been laughing since early on Friday morning. Poor Mr Mixedupletters - did he really make that rash promise and no sign of him since the Unionist implosion?

    Poor Grahamski has dissappeared of the Scotsman as well I see, after making similar predictions.

  13. There are few elections that do change things. This was one of those rare ones.

    I am so happy for all of you. A majority SNP government in Holyrood. WHO would have thought it? I even opened a bottle of Bowmore myself.

    Slàinte mhòr!

  14. Ha,ha,ha, what can I say that's not been said - other than I was waiting for good one but you've produced a cracker! Well done Conan!

  15. Ayrshire, who would have thought it?

    All down to us merry band of original cybernats on the Scotsman and Herald :¬)

    Advanced punctuation for good!

  16. Joan, Dram, cheers. Gonny watch Newsnicht the noo.

  17. Great stuff as ever Conan, I'm just about sobering up now.

  18. Loon, I'm just thinking about going out again!

  19. Go for it Conan, I'm just starting up on the champers again! Austerity can wait until tomorrow!

  20. Lord Snooty's birthday today so Champers all round!

  21. Conan old Chap, horizontal acrobats, silly Billy!

    Jeez I could get used to this real Champagne stuff.

    I'll need to see if Millipede or Cameroon will sell me a life peerage, my inherited one disbars me from Porkminster largesse.

  22. "Ayrshire, who would have thought it?

    All down to us merry band of original cybernats on the Scotsman and Herald :¬)

    Advanced punctuation for good! "

    Role call of Honour:
    Conan the Librarian
    Advanced Media watch aka spook
    Ayshire Scot
    Mark MacLachlan
    Peter Thompson
    Jimmie Le Pie
    Karin M

    And loads of others who's names escape me at this early hour.

  23. Indeed Juan.


    ...only kidding with AM2.

  24. How about Faux Cu?

  25. Great stuff as usual. But you do realise of course that Labour only held Cowdenbeath because nobody else wanted it? As the song (terrace chant) goes:

    They're dirty and they're smelly,
    They huvnae got a telly,
    They come fae near Lochgelly,
    The Cowden family!


    Mon The Pars.