Wednesday 15 June 2011

Hootsmon Headlines

This is a bit too late, but believe me I've been trying to post this in some form or another for about ten days.(Blogger, computer and another reason, see below)
I still can't answer comments; I'm not being ignorant honestly.
It was my daughters graduation ceremony yesterday; the past ten or so days have been soo lovely for me as two women manged to fill two beds and one dining table with a variety of clothes, shoes and handbags...
But the look on my daughter's face was worth it.

The free champagne was a bonus.


  1. Worth the wait mate. If you send me your replies to people's posts direct to my email, I'll put them up on this post for you with suitable annotation if you want.

  2. Welcome back Old Bean

  3. Poor old Nigger. Lucky Guy Gibbon didn't have a pet Raccoon called Abdul or the whole raid would have been covered up. Funny how they can make a film about the death and destruction of an awful lot of human beings, but can't name the f`ing dog of the Squadron Leader.

  4. Looking forward to your return.

  5. Conan. My American friend Danny (from Munguin's Republic) suggests trying Google Chrome. He had your problem and downloaded it and lo and behold, all problems solved!!

  6. Well done on the family front - what is it with the gals and handbags and shoes? Still the champers would have been worth it. Great article - now looking forward to something on the "Supreme" court!

    PS I have the two Hootsmons regarding the election on the wall of the "study".

    PPS Did Niko cut off his todger then or was it just another labour promise - jam tomorrow so to speak?