Saturday 6 August 2011

Puppy love

A new addition to the family.

Grandson number one's wee bundle of joy, a Staffy puppy called Tyson.

The name, of course, is his tribute to cultural relativism...


  1. He looks a bit sleepy there...

  2. When you look at the shape of the head and jaw along with the deep set eyes you can see that there's a vicious bugger in there.

    The puppy's nice though.

  3. Aye Tris, I'd just taken him to the pub.

    Doug, just rub the tummy and you're safe...

  4. I see you have acquired a bodyguard.

    Should see off that nasty journo.

  5. I have four other vicious hellhounds to protect me.

    See to your right...

  6. Used to have "real" Bull Terrier and he was the softest, most interactive 35kg of muscle (including brain) that you could imagine. Pirate patch, heid like a battering ram. Scared the bejezus out of the Gitanes down here (non smoking brand)

    He love playing with kinds and not just before he ate them.

    He died of an esophageal tumour and damn near broke my heart.

    I never needed to lock my car, just left him in it.

    I went through Barcelona and at a traffic light one miscreant tried to distract whilst his mate opened one the back doors. I am sure he shot himself at the same time as he beat Ussain Bolt fro the 100M freestyle (fully loaded Y front division)

    Damn, I miss him.

    He is still working though, underneath his favourite Cherry Tree.

  7. The first Jack Russell I ever had is also under a cherry tree in my garden, along with one of Bessie's pups who was stillborn.

    I'd always had gundogs before Thunder(don't ask), but this tiny ball of courage and cleverness won my heart to terriers.