Thursday 10 May 2012

Hootsmon Headlines

Ah, good old Charlie.
 I wonder what was taken off front page news for this fluff? 
Was it Cameron's U-turn on the joint strike fighter?
Perhaps it was the further savaging of Scotland's share in the UK budget?

Was there good news for the SNP? What do you think?

On a lighter note, I'm sure there is a clip of cuddly cubs out there somewhere.

Just waiting for their thirty seconds in the limelght...


  1. Double plus good!

  2. Do you know, Conan, I do believe you are getting a tad cynical in your old(ish) age - do keep it up and give us all something to smile about.

  3. Thanks you two.

    I'm on a downer man, as we used to say.

  4. Or we could make the real Weather man King of Scotland


    You nicked that line from Dylan in the Magic Roundabout

    here man

  5. Conan so, you are on a downer.

    A bottle of Champagne with some fois gras is called for, I think.

    I'll tell you how I feel later.

  6. So sonan, you on a downer.

    I think I recommend a bottle of good Champagne with a bloc of fois gras and a wee snooze.

    I tell you how I feel later.

    LOL (not the Cameron variant!)

  7. It wuz good and efter ma wee doss, ready for dindins

  8. I feel OK and efter ma wee doss
    am ready for din-dins

  9. Conan

    You have a problem with the posting system on your blog.

    I type the comment, then select the "Comment as" profile, click publish and get an error message.

  10. Service Unavailable
    Error 503

    Now this will appear and some time later the original one will also appear.

  11. Sorry Wolfie, it's oot o ma control.

  12. As for the downer.

    I'm hoping it's not permanent; it may be.

  13. Get well soon

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  14. God he's so sodding ugly.

    I mean how can a tourist attraction be so unattractive.

    I hope to hell you'll soon be feeling better matey. There's only so many days that most of us can go without some of your humour... so this is a selfish plea.

    Get better. OK?

  15. Come back to your blog, Conan, you're spending too much time on the Telegraph sooking up to Alan Cochrane - or however he spells his name.

  16. And so say all of us... probably even Niko!

  17. Hey folks, I've been busy at work. Baiting the bacteria on the DT I can do in a tea break.

    I'll try, but nae promises.

    1. About time what the Fwuk do you think we pay you for?