Thursday 31 May 2012

Stamped Out

Well folks, for those of you who are still mildly interested in what I ramble here, a wee word of explanation.

I am no longer Conan the Librarian.

After a good chunk of three decades working in the book pushing business, I have another job.

From being one of the oldest and most experienced people in my workplace, I've become 'the' oldest and least experienced.


I now don't have to be on the look out for: Groups of teens, junkies drug users who have just scored, junkies drug users who are on the chore*, jakies** who are drinking/falling asleep/ pissing themselves, but most of all the constant horde of  non council tax payers wanting 'their' god given free internet.

And I haven't even touched on the ten percent of library users that still want books...

So, folks, sorry if I haven't been posting enough, but I'm sure "Conan the Admin Slash IT Guy for the Third Floor" will get into his stride soon.

* Chore: An Edinburgh drug users (not meant to use the word junkie; I forgot) daily regime, housebreaking, begging, shoplifting and mugging those  even weaker than themselves.

** Jakie: Journalists, retired journalists, ex-journalists who work for the Scotsman, wannabe journalists who work for the Daily Record; alcoholics. 


  1. Congratulations on the new job and commiserations on being forced, by junkies and drunks, out of the old one, at which you were so experienced.

    I didn't know there were any journalists, or even ex-journalists, working for the Scotsman (printed in England). Novel and exciting idea for them to get a journalist...

    What does (s)he write...? I must have a read.

    PS>>>It is good to see you again. :)

  2. Thanks tris, it's been a few hard weeks for me though, for reasons too personal for an internet blog.

    What will Conan the Admin/IT Guy for the Third Floor write about?

    Watch this space...

  3. Onward and upwards (to the third floor at least), Conan The AD/ITan.

    Books in libraries? Weird.

  4. Wow Conan, well deserved I'm sure. Pay rise I hope is also involved. Are you Conan the AdmITter now?

  5. Conan

    who are drinking/falling asleep/ pissing themselves,............Err! sorry about that piss control a bit difficult these days

  6. I forgot.
    I mean this sincerely Niko, how is the problem these days?

  7. Books do furnish a room, but apart from that what about all the OAPs who had forgotten what they came in for, but knew it was about something and was new and they think the author was XYZ who turns out to be a shop on the next street. Speaking purely personally of course! Enjoy!

  8. Does this make you the pseudo-Conan or are you now Conan the pseudo-Librarian?

    If the latter, who can I now ask about the book I consulted in the Reference Library in 1962 whose name I have forgotten but I could describe it to you?

  9. The working class can kiss my arse, I've got the Foreman's job, at last.

    er congrats Conan the mid level manager

    1. I forgot, it must be all the time and effort you spent on the Daily Torygraph wot got ya the parking place for yer funky moped

    2. Do you get biscuits with your tea and and wall to wall lino?

  10. Demetrius: I do miss them.

    There was an old gentleman, a general. One of the first British troops into Belsen.
    You probably served with him at one point, since he ended up commanding the BAOR.

  11. Welcome handclapping.
    Are you new here or is it just a new nomenclature?

    Wolfie, you are a fine one to talk...

    ...cake; carpet tile.

  12. Thanks Conan. Its the same handclapping everywhere. I've been lurking here for several years but, unlike some, when I've nothing to say I don't say it.

    Don't worry about the book, it was 1963; I'd be forgetting my head if it wasn't screwed on.