Friday 7 September 2012

Hootsmon Headlines

Apologies folks, I've been too busy (At work) yet also at our wonderful British Press.

Commenting on there is like a computer game; every time you refute an answer, that particular moniker retreats and then another one replaces it.

I'm really sick of saying that England does not subsidise Scotland...


  1. Osborne hasn't half gone to seed, has he? No wonder he gets boo'd.

  2. You can't get away from bias in the media. Surely it was talk at Scots not talk to Scots. There was no attempt at dialogue. We need better reporting in this paper :)

  3. Aye, an it's a crackin scheme the Holyrooders've come up wi, buildin the Scottish Labour members a spankin new secret pub in the Parl;iament fer them tae get pished in, wi oor money needless tae say, which of course the SNP members willnae use cos they're aw teetotal, apairt fae Christine Graham an Joan McAlpine, obviously...

    Will Jackie an Johann be able tae resist a wee secret pint at dinnertime? Ah very much doubt it...

  4. Tris, he looks like a humourless John Sessions.

    Handy, You're hired as a sub-editor.

    Sophia, Kenny... so long as it's cooking lager.

  5. CtB

    have ypu seen John Sessions recently?

    He makes a gone-to-seed John Sessions look like an Olympian athelete.

    Nice to see that Sophie is alive and heid buttin.

  6. Be in Glasgow, Fife, Edinburry and maybe Dunoon at the end of Sept.

    Maybe surveying the various Eliphants' Graveyards.

  7. Give up your job then!

  8. It's been annoying me for ages but your we "Lunacy" box has "can" twice.

  9. Gold? I thought Brown had sold it all but I can't think of a more deserving crowd.

  10. Bringing some port Wolfie?

    As the ex editor of the News of the Screws said to me, it comes in handy for Whisky and cornflakes Nonny.

    Well spotted David, I plead guilty of reckless cut'n'paste.

    Handy, I (vaguely) remember a wedding, a kilt, mixing champagne, red wine, 80/- and whisky.
    Dah dada da daa da daa.

    Gold Label John. now there was a drink worthy of champions...

  11. See that someone claiming to be you is now churning out unionist commentary on the Hootsman pages-----

    Think Mr Brownlie is taking him on.

  12. Flying with Easyjet and no bags checked in the hold so, no bottles in the hand luggage.

    My socks and Ys will be a bit tight, in numbers, for the trip so I hope we don't meet at the end of the trip.

  13. Aberdonian

    Quite so, we can't have Conan's reputation sullied by someone posting sensible comments under his name.

  14. Thanks Aberdonian, Cynicus told me too.

    Shampoo, handbasins and radiators do it for me Wolfie.
    Don't know what you can do about your socks though...

    There was someone copying me on the Daily Record, with a similar style John. Do you think posting on the DR is sensible?

  15. Does anyone buy the Daily Record?


    The fake is easily spotted due to the lack of humour and the boring comments.