Friday 12 April 2013

EBC rules OK?

So the BBC might not play Ding Dong! the witch is dead?

Of course we in Scotland are used to censorship by the BBC EBC Scotlandshire, even if it's rather more subtle than a point blank refusal to face facts...


  1. "Ding Dong, you're not wrong."

    The song was written when Thatcher was a teenager. People are buying it, if it is number one on Sunday, it should be played in it's entirety.

    Under pressure not to play it the EBC have fudged, just playing five seconds of it will satisfy no-one.

    Any excuse to show Shirley Eaton Wolfie.

  2. You know this might just be used to shew people in Scotland that their ever trusted BBC might just be censoring other things than wall to wall adulation of MT, TWWOE.

  3. I see we have been told that we should be mindful of the feelings of her family. But it seems that despite the fact that she was extremely frail and living in the Ritz, her son and daughter didn't bother to come back to Britain, from which it seems they both managed to escape...

    The folly of course is the Tories and their press. If they had said quietly that Mrs Thatcher was dead and the funeral would be a small family affair then none of this would have been likely.

    No no, Cameron has to blow it up and the Queen has been stupid enough to say she will attend. The woman is getting a better funeral that Daina or the Queen Mum.


  4. red wine and more red wine is the order of thee day.

    Champagne on Wednesday

  5. tris,

    I like the idea of a "better funeral". Pity they did not do it when she was more photogenic as the current pictures do not do her justice.

  6. Handclapping, BBC Scotland, a case in point.

    Wolfie, RED wine, heh.

    Tris, you can be sure there will be less flowers thrown at her than Diana. More flour perhaps.

    John, can you get a better funeral than Thatcher's...?

  7. You don't know what she looks like now, John. Embalming fluid 'irons' (see what I did there?) out the wrinkles.

  8. More flour though maybe, Conan....