Tuesday 27 May 2014

Hell or Yes

Unashamedly nicked from http://logicsrock.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/euro-elections-2014-for-hard-of-thinking.html


  1. Where the Hell have you been hiding yourself?

    He never writes, he never 'phones.

    Are you going to the Counting House in Glasgow, George Square(ish) on Friday night?

    I'll be there.

  2. Hi Bugger. Thereby hangs a tale.

    About a month ago I got a rather invasive worm after following a link from a (formerly) trusted source.
    Then I got a message from "microsoft" saying they thought my account had been compromised, I was happily filling in a form giving security details - then came a question asking my credit card details - instant recoil.

    I can't get access to the account I've used for almost as long as I've been online, all my contacts, gone.

    For some reason I can't post on WoS also, possibly due to that or Stu being snotty - who kens?

    As for the Counting House, I wish I had known earlier...

    I'm back with She Who Must Be Obeyed, I'll have to see.
    If you still have my number, text me.

  3. Cona

    I was using a UK mobile when we talked at the Albanach and that chip has expired leaving me a few anonymous in the 'phone's memory. It could be dangerous to send a text to one or two of the anonymous numbers.

    My easy e-mail address is



    I fly up on Thursday, so will be in tls tomorrow night.

  4. Nae Probs. Sent an email on other address, just managed to get back in.

  5. Welcome back, Conan, hope you are in spiffing form again. Can we look forward to the return of the Hootsmon before the dawning of the bright new happy day?

    1. Hi John, hope you are not to suicidal about Hibs...

      Look on the bright side, when you play the Loons, you will have a double agent.

  6. Yes, whatever happened to the Hootsmon?

    1. John and anon.

      Took that pitcher to the well too often...

      ...well maybe, when something really staggering comes up , like the Treasury lies in its press releases, or a party even more right wing than the Tories gets an MEP in Scotland...

    2. Labour got an MEP?

  7. Mr Conan,

    I object to being classed as a visitor from United Kingdom!!

    1. I see I'm a visitor from Dundee, Dundee City, but it has a dubious illustration at the side. A clutter of gaudy colour. OK from a distance, but nauseating close up.

  8. If I come up as a visitor from Fife and not the UK then I will be happy.
    As a lover of all dugs, the pics of father and daughter were the stars on this page.

  9. Hi Conan

    nice to meet you last night - hope the zip department has managed a repair ;-)).

    Kind regards Dram