Wednesday 1 October 2014

Wings over Hootsmon


  1. Has to be your best yet... Pissed myself laughing

  2. I suspect that this article is a spoof. How the fuck can the Hootsmon afford a churnalist as erudite and humorous as this?

  3. loved the coffee cup stain and the typewriter lettering.

    Nae word processor, not even a Commodore 32 and dot matrix printer.

  4. I love the Dugs, don't think Hektor would though. Lovely little piece as well, nice touch the coffee stain.
    Would appear the Hootsmon is deep in doodah and likely to pay off more staff.

  5. Thanks as always folks. There may be another if I can find another sheet of foolscap and a typewriter ribbon...

    Helena; you're right there. The one on the left, ironically named 'Sweetie', has a gash under her eye after seeing off a huge tomcat from 'her' garden.

    Haven't seen it since...

    1. Hektor and Sweetie need to meet, he needs tips on eviction. The Pug is a horror but when it comes to cats he is very diffident. Trouble is that neither of my previous neighbours cats were the sort to run and Hektor would just sit in companionable silence with both of them.
      Wasn't a Ginger Tom was it, my Mother in Law had one many years ago who was the terror of the dogs in the district, he used to lie in wait for the dogs and strike from behind the fence. Give Sweetie my best regards and a cuddle, good girl.

  6. Ferrari? Too old hat, electricity is the new petrol. It would be a Tesla Roadster complete with a subsidy from us and two fingers to Jeremy.


  7. Conan, all socks up and half a trouser leg at half mast, I am spamming you as I posted comment on wrong post. I repeat - brilliant and funny, as ever. Loved the stain - i feel it sums up the certain "nothingness" which tinged the No campaign. Our cause endures. Yours, an absent friend from Ayrshire

  8. Arfus maximus, from a malevolent Guiri in deepest Espana!