Saturday 5 November 2016

Fallon fails


  1. Err I will answer for fallon
    as wot he wanted to say

    No you will not get to build
    those warships for twenty years
    if (a) you secede from our Glorious
    Union (b) if this brexit goes tits up
    and we Torys need to bribe people in England.

    In fact this is at best a public
    propaganda exercise to show the good
    Tory voters in the SE of England.
    how their hard earned pounds (not euros )
    Are given to third world nations
    such as Scotland to keep them in beer
    and skittles out of our good nature.

    And if that man points his microphone
    at me once more i shall shove it up his erse .

  2. Niko stands in for a tory.