Sunday 25 December 2016

A nice traditional Christmas

"The Duke of Cambridge broke with tradition by spending Christmas at his wife’s family home in Bucklebury, Berkshire. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended a service in nearby Englefield church with their children George and Charlotte."

Did he? Good for him.

Breaking with tradition that is. 

Perhaps he will stop taking his traditional money from the taxes raised from millions of people who can't afford it.


Merry Christmas parasite. Think about wee George. Think about bairns his age who are cold, wet and hungry.

Right now.

I know your father has a flunky to put toothpaste on his brush. Do you?


  1. I have no idea why this post is in white blocks.

    Then again I cannot post pictures.

    I may be joining Munguin on wordpress.

    1. It's just a white block Xmas. Happy one to you and may New Year bring us freedom.

    2. I vowed a long time ago, never to blog whilst pished. Seems I broke it last night... again.

  2. conan

    er ! would that be an ad hominem like wot youse had a go at me abaht.

    Blogging while pished um !! mea culpa

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