Tuesday 19 May 2009

Bye Mick.

All hail to Michael Martin MP,
He is the greatest Speaker I did ever hear or see.
He is a man of genius bright,
And in him Westminster does delight,
Because they find him to be honest and plain,
Affable in temper, and seldom known to complain.
He speaks in a plain straightforward way,
The MP's flock to hear him night and day,
And dozens from the door are often turn'd away,
Because they do not bring a gift of whisky.
Many MP's owe him all they have got
Plus bathplugs, porn and a clean moat.
And while he lives he will ne'er be forgot
Quentin Letts also owes him his fame
Gorbals Mick! What's in a name?
Michael Martin MP, I must conclude my muse,
And to write in praise of thee my pen does not refuse,
Nor does it give me pain
to tell the world fearlessly, that when you are dead
they shall not look upon your like again.


  1. What a tribute! Did you watch Newsnicht? One of his useless pals going on about snobbery and racism, I'm just doing a wee post about it.

  2. Lovely stuff Conan. You missed out the fried mars bars though!!

  3. They broke the mold (mould?).

  4. Conan,

    Excellent stuff again. I suppose you've got to have a certain Scottish accent to rhyme moat with forgot, or did you mean a clean mott?

  5. The only bon mot is a clean one brownlie...

  6. Conan,

    Was it you that paid over six grand for McGonall's manuscript. I heard somewhere that when Tennyson died McGonagall walked sixty miles in sleet and snow to Balmoral to ask Queen Victoria if he could be Poet Laureate. Sadly for them both, she was in London at the time which is a pity as old McGonnagal might have put John Brown in the shade - he might even have made up a song about John Brown's body.