Saturday 2 May 2009

The Guinea Pig flew

My nextdoor neighbour's five year old boy recently got a pair of Guinea pigs, and cute cuddly wee creatures they are too.
Their hutch is about ten feet away from the end of my dog's run.Now the run is Jack Russell escape proof, there are granite setts underneath the fence to stop digging, but there is a three inch gap.
Coupled with the attention span of the average five year old, the inevitable happened this morning...
My nextdoor neighbour's five year old boy's got a Guinea pig, and a cute, cuddly, tasty wee thing it is too.


  1. Conan,

    I hope you gave the kid next door £1 and one shilling for his pig or, allowing for inflation and distress, £1 trillion and five pence.

  2. Being a Dumb unionist what happened the guinea pig..I hope it wasn't a case of chomp..chomp..chomp..Ghastly

    must say always found Jack Russell nasty little Bast#rds used to go rabbiting with a friend and his Jack Russell..bloody horrible thing.good rabbiter though.

  3. Oh Conan, do hope you were at the pet shop within 5 minutes to replace the wee thing. I used to do that every time a goldfish died - didn't want the children upset. Then, when the were old enough to understand we started funeral ceremonies in the downstairs cloakroom. The local children loved them, plus my own so it was usually a busy event with the cokes etc. Saved me replacing the things though :)

  4. Being a dumb Unionist, Niko...

    Just thought I'd repeat that.

  5. Subrosa, it's ok, he's at the vets...

  6. Wee, sleekit, cowran, tim'rous beastie
    O, what panic's in thy breastie
    Dinae run awa say hasty,
    Mah dug ken's ye will be tasty
    An he needs his dinner

  7. Conan

    now don't go all brownlie on me he is so stiff these days he will wrick his back.

  8. Guid yin scunnert;-)

    Och Niko ye ken I'm only pulling yer soft bit.

  9. Ah so all is not lost then Conan. Phew, I'll sleep easier tonight so I will.

  10. Niko,

    That's why I'm so popular in certain circles, ahem!


    Save on the vet's bill - what size shoes are you?

  11. It's a dog eat hamster world, isn't it?

    Dogs do what dogs do and hamsters do what hamsters do, whatever the hell that is.

    Maybe they genetically engineer hamsters with wings. You know, when hamsters fly.

  12. Shoe size brownlie? You'll be asking the length of my middle finger next...

    Gracias Descubre Irlanda, buenos dias.

    Morning Postpaleo, they squeak a lot when being extracted from a dog's mouth.
    Thank the Flying spaghetti Monster for the "leave!" command:-)

  13. Conan,

    Careful, conan, you'll get some of your readers all excited.