Tuesday 28 April 2009

I'll Go And Be A Lodger

O why the deuce should I repine, And be an ill foreboder?
I'm fifty-three, and five feet nine, I'll go and be a Lodger!
I gat some gear wi' mickle care, I held it weel thegither; But now it's gane, and something mair- I'll go and be a Lodger!

Dedicated tae Richard and his new hame, The Cavendish;
Or Jurassic Park as we used tae call it.


  1. For a moment i thought it said todger...

  2. Conan,

    good to see you waxing lyrical again even if I haven't a clue what its about. Perhaps at 53 it would be more appropriate to be a codger?

  3. Och Brownlie, I keep forgetting you're a wee free and naive in such matters.
    'Tis the sorry tale of signing over your home and business to your wife for dodgy reasons; Then her having an affair...
    So he now lives in a rented room, and goes to a grab-a-granny nightclub of a Friday night.
    Stupid Dick.

  4. Conan,

    I am not a stupid dick. Intelligence is not a pre-requisite for dicks and, anyway, what's wrong with grabbing a granny? Some of my best times etc etc.!

  5. LoL Brownlie! I'm sorry I implied that you were...
    I too grab a granny on occasion, but it's allowed coz she lives with me.

  6. If only the rest of the world had your morals, the pair of you. I liked your poetry Conan. It reminded me of my own lodger :)

  7. Burns comes in handy at times. Guid yin Conan.

  8. Conan,

    Some more (in)appropriate Burns for you:

    There was an old lady called Todd
    Who dreamt she's been visited by God
    But it wasn't the Almighty
    That lifted her nightie
    'Twas Roger, the lodger, the sod.

  9. I think that's more carpet burns than the Bard, Brownlie.