Friday 4 September 2009

Pusillanimous pissants.

I haven't been posting lately.

Chez Conan is currently hosting a multitude of grandbairns.

Alright then, it's just two of them, plus parents.

But one of them is a two year old...the dogs are hiding under chairs, you can't walk two steps without treading on Lego, and all the females in the house are worshipping at his wee feet.

I'm writing this in the dead of night, knowing I've got three or four hours of computer time without going into bloody ceebeebies...

Did something happen at the wee Parly? Missed it.

I know a lot about Waybuloo now though. Perhaps there isn't all that much difference.
Somebody who thought he was going to die in prison, stood up and said:
"The Scots made the right decision".
Thanks Nelson. And Robert Anson Heinlien for the title .


  1. Oh Conan, just what I needed to see me on the road to bed with a smile on my face.

    You'll miss the little bu@@ers when they've gone though. Mind and make sure they take all their lego with them because there's nothing worse than standing on one of those wee bits when you get up in the night for a pee. :)

  2. Aye, subrosa I'll look forward to missing them!

    The wee bits of LEGO of course :¬)

  3. Och Conan Ah'v got the same plus the dochter and guid son fae Scotland plus aebdy else comin and goin. But I know - this too will pass.

  4. Conan, old chum,

    Treasure these fleeting golden moments while you can!