Sunday 30 August 2009

Scrape, scrape, scrape

If it wasn't so annoying it would be funny; if it wasn't so funny it would be annoying.
The brazen anti SNP bias continues; count how many times "Could be" "probably" "perhaps"
appear in any SNP articles, after headlines stating the positive.


It seems instead of employing journos, the Hootsmon is haemorrhaging them; Hardeep Singh Koli and Ewan Morrison are both gone.
I particularly liked Ewan's farewell knife in the ribs...
"The verdict is in: all the time I thought I was being hip and radical I was working for the enemy."
Couldn't agree more Ewan.


  1. Conan...

    Your right, the papers blatant biased is its own pit fall. want the paper to go under and hopefuly the 1% of the public who buy it will learn the truth.

    It is a rotten little paper to the core.

  2. If Scotland wants a media it's up to the like's of us - god help us - to create it. Print media is dying - as is television. They will be replaced by blogs and youtube videos - so get cracking. Moridura is doing his best - so should we all. Scots need to be inspired to take over the web.

  3. We're certainly at a crosroads scunnert, in sense we are like the pamphleteers of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries without the religion-God be thanked ;¬)

  4. Hardeep Singh Koli's jacket was on a shaky peg since he advocated independence on Question time.

    Who is Michael Jackson?

  5. You've never heard of the beerhunter brownlie?