Friday 14 August 2009


It was back in August 2006 that I first got broadband. It was a wee suprise for me from the beloved as I was in London when the hub was installed. Having only dial-up before then I had not tended to use the internet at home.

At work, I had been following the political scene(on my breaks, honest!) on the Scotsman website; it was then an excellently designed piece of work, very user friendly.The editorial content, however I thought a wee bit biased to the utterances of the (here comes the capitals) Unionist Parties.

I followed with fascination the comments on the political blogs; I laughed with Ayrshire Scot and Methelions and got exasperated with AM2.

I wriggled in my seat and thought "Right Go For It!"and signed up.

What would be my moniker?I didn't want to use my real name because I have some "Issues" with my employer; I remembered Joe from Waterstones being suspended from his job for calling them "Bastardstones"...That was mild to what I wanted to say.

Yes, I work for the council.

So the nickname from my biker days it was.

My heart pumping faster I launched my first comment.

Into the void.

But eventually I got what every poster(and blogger) wants-recognition.

There became a regular bunch of us, we used to pick on poor AM2 most of the time, and to his credit he stuck to his guns and gave as good as he got without resorting to invective.

I gave in once and gave a mouthful to a long forgotten abusive moniker; I got barred.

I was distraught, I had stopped going to the pub to do this for fucks sake!

But help was at hand from my chumrades(copyright Monty), AS and Meths developed" Advanced Punctuation For Good",
so I became Conan the Librarian ™.
Then that weel kent socialist Laird, a skier on the slopes of Glenfiddich, an admirer of the demi-monde of Carlton Hill and all thing troughery, the Bloody Nosed Baron Full o' Cum nock, the puncher of little old women, came up with the tag: CyberNats.

I liked it, it showed our wee bee stings were starting to hurt.

And I was proud to call myself a CyberNat.

I still am. I don't care if the rants of some borderline deranged people are now supposed be CyberNattery, I was there when the term was coined.

I am, and always will be, a CyberNat.


  1. I'm not sure Labour are aware that they've simplt drawn attention to online debates and the reality of 'unionism' and 'anti-scottish' ideology is even more exposed.

    Lord Foulkes Sake rides again.

  2. That's an image I'd rather dae withoot Wardog...

  3. I don't like the name, it irritates me. Mind you anything with 'cyber' does. Reminds me of times gone by. :)

  4. I mind cybees used tae be spring onions subrosa.Used tae hate them when I was a bairn, but love them noo.

  5. Ich bin ein cybernat. Good post Conan.

  6. I was there with you Conan as Hen Broon. I still am a wee bit there but cannot be arsed as I decided my bus and my Harley was much more important, and now their is my Landie. I started my own blog but found with attrition rates amongst our forces from abroad I was starting to go back to a place I struggled to leave years ago. Sadly the figures are climbing.

    I used to absolutely love the baiting and skewering of AM2, who haunts the forum to this day in his Butchers Apron, only now the poor sod has to use so many different monikers to hide his paranoia and 24/7 obsession. I do believe he is quite mad.

    Good post regards Hen Broon.

  7. Hen broom 100% nutter no doubt about it. in fact 200% or more

    Yeah! well i remember when Ayrshire Scot first turned up and asked if the snp was anti-gays oh yeah he did.

    I remember when meths had another moniker sym---- and then he had about a zillion of them

    I know where all the bodies are buried all over the Scotsman Oh yes i do.

    not going to say anymore or else AM2 will be on the phone.

    this comment may well self delete

  8. Hen Broom? 200% nutter? A rather sweeping statement that Niko.

  9. It's fine Conan the Niko one is well known for his ranting madness. He is a self confessed Tory, need I say more? AM2 and Niko? Bookends.

    Today I am going to kick over my Harley as it is all built, I am very excited, stand by for a mighty roar. Someone has made me a very good offer for it, and I am tempted as I have to buy a new engine for the bus, and more bits for Landie. Due to the onset of OA, the Harley is not practical any more.

  10. Selling the Electraglide KBW? Ach auld age comes tae us all. The last bike I was on scared the shit oot o' me;¬)

  11. Hen broom

    A Tory! I'd cut your heart if you had one or your brain put then i would have to put me hand up your ar#e and i dont fancy that.

  12. Come on Niko, conservative and unionist...if the cap fits...;¬)

  13. seeing as i have been 'Ostracized' by the tory diary with strict instructions for the English conservatives to ignore me and not to Acknowledge my existence.

    not the first time the English middle classes have treated me like a piece shit on their shoe

    Still as i said thats a common way for the English conservatives to treat The scots welsh etc.

  14. Indeed Niko?...Well what do you intend *doing* about it?
    Voting for another Unionist pary perhaps?

  15. Niko,

    Hen Broon is one of the most effective contributors to any debate - which is probably why your unionist friends do every thing they can to stifle his contributions. Quite ironic that you should refer to someone else as a "nutter".


    I hope you're in the pink and raring to go.

  16. Nice to see you back John, are you with us for long?

  17. Conan,

    Thanks - on my travels again in October. Hope you haven't been chatting up Rosa in my absence. Are you fit and healthy and back at work? I was asking Spooks if you were playing for the Civil Service team last night but I suppose the clue is in the first name.

  18. Heh, surly service to be sure.
    Still off, my wee Irish doc not letting me go back in case I go postal...

  19. Ahem, if memory serves through the mists of Glen More, I also coined Conan the Librarian!

    Niko, Ayrshire Scot asked about Fergus Ewing being anti-Lavender on the Herald not the Hootsman. Was that when you were posting as Paisley Pete, Mad Dog's personal fist puppet?

  20. Monty, to paraphrase AM2, I've only ever posted as Conan;¬)

  21. We've lost a few on the way, poor old AJ of Fife who for whatever reason had a photo of Kimba, whatever became of him?