Tuesday 18 August 2009

Clydeside Red

I'm not totally convinced by the global warming theory; however if it is true, Scotland will be an ideal place for growing vines, just like Chile is today.

I have a reasonably large south facing, sloping garden...

Describing the teroir might be a problem though; a hint of dog run, a soup├žon of creasote fence.

And what to call Scots wines?

Will there be a Cotes du Bridge?

A Holyrood Fiasco?

A Port o' Leith?

Any suggestions?


  1. Chateau Naif da Pape

    Girvan Chambertin

  2. Bearsden Boujolais
    Shettleston Shiraz
    Sandy Hills Sauvignon
    Muscular Arms Merlot

    I am new to your Blog. I like it. You should lhave your own newspaper column.

  3. Vin de leekie for the soup course
    Fried mars bar shiraz for the main
    spew rouge for the sweet