Wednesday 12 August 2009

The Vronsky Beat

The Hootsmon now has a special correspondent, Vronsky.
I'm sure he isn't even a bit of a count.


  1. When are knives outlawed only outlaws will have knives, Yeah! and spelt proper.

    I miss the old cutthroat razor small easy to hide and leave's a lovely scar.

    Once knew a geezer who was given a bashing in a club by a few hard men.

    went outside got a handsaw from his car went back into club..slash..slash..slash

    blood everywhere he did get banged up what do you expect...but as an example of thinking outside the box he was .........................Unsurpassed.

  2. Niko, my stepfather was in a Glasgow gang in the late thirties.I was talking to him one day about a laddie I knew who had been slashed with a Stanley knife that had two inserted blades separated with a half penny.The wound couldn't be stitched without leaving a scar.
    He said you don't slash with an open razor, you lie the back of the blade over your knuckles and punch as if it was a knuckleduster.
    I was horrified.And fascinated.But I've never put it in practice of course.

  3. and they say it didn't happen in the good old days.

  4. Why can't people just use their fists to fight? Are they all so incapable of it?

  5. subrosa said...
    Why can't people just use their fists to fight? Are they all so incapable of it?

    I agree, my flat mate uses his handbag..

  6. Subrosa, it's to get an edge, to pardon the pun.I doubt most people who carry one never expect to use one.

    Until they get pished of course.

  7. Conan

    Its a mans world

    subrosa watch and listen