Sunday 11 October 2009

A hung Parliament

Had it all planned about what I was going to write about today, but have just come back from a huge Sunday roast and an afternoon walk with the grandchildren; I'm stuffed and mellowed out.
We took the wee ones to a play park I played in when I was their age; as I walked down the street the memories flooded back.
My Grandmothers house with it's wee stane dyke.Wee on one side that is, a five foot drop on the other.
One Hogmanay first footing, the booze in my rucksack, I sat on that wall to finish a can throwing my head back to glug it down, then found myself like an upended turtle in her rose bushes...


  1. He he... that really made me laugh.

    .... upended in the rose bushes..... he he he

    Was that this year? or last?