Sunday 4 October 2009

TV or not TV

Brown versus Cameron. A quite straightforward televised debate by the leaders of two of the major parties would be excellent, high ratings, viewing; throw a bone to Clegg as he may get a lot of disenchanted Labour voters and that's it sorted.

If you happen to be a London based television producer who believes Britain means England that is.

But of course in Scotland Cameron isn't even a blip on the radar, and even with the "I'll vote for a monkey in a red rosette cause ma faither did" syndrome, Labour support is nowhere near the levels it once was.

Some of the subject matter they would be debating about would be irrelevant to Scotland, health, education and the law, all different.

On the subjects of Foreign Policy and Defence, how many people would be swayed by the SNP's policy of nuclear disarmament, and just maybe bringing our troops home?

Some people are arguing that because it will be a debate between the leaders of the Westminster parties, the smaller ones have no chance of governing the UK; so they should be excluded, ignoring the fact that if the SNP get enough MPs, there will be no UK to govern.


  1. Conan,

    According to John Curtice, the rent-a-gob who's always trotted out by the TV and newspapers, a legal challenge by the SNP against exclusion from any such debate in Scotland would be successful.

    Possibly for the first time ever, I agree with him.

  2. Being a typical englander, I hadn't much thought about how frustrating it must be for scots, welsh and northern irish people that 'britain means england'. Thanks for the timely nudge.


    The worst news is for the SNP. Last year we predicted a stunning breakthrough with the SNP taking an extra 17 seats in Scotland. This year, our poll shows the swing to the SNP down to 9%, only enough for the SNP to take two extra seats.

  4. Monkeys have got feelings to you know

  5. Conan

    "I'll vote for a monkey in a red rosette cause ma faither did" syndrome,

    Thats an allegation that you Nationalists always throw at (long time)labour supporters and i am getting pretty fed up with it.
    it is totally absurd and ridiculous, insane

    Oh! alright its true.

  6. Brownlie, will that cover Sky though?
    Argent, you're welcome. It does get annoying here when we are swept under the UK carpet, but at least the SNP government doesn't take it lying down like the last lot did.
    Niko, polls are like buses; there will be another one along in a minute with a different number on it.
    Come over to the light, you know you will in the end...

  7. Conan
    when (IF) we enter the long dark night of a English conservative hell and all the Political
    laws of physics break down.

    who can predict what may happen apart from pain the English conservatives will give us that aplenty....smiling all the while........I can feel the cut of the lash on me back already.

    Just the same as they done before

  8. A bit like the West Lothin question in reverse.