Friday 11 December 2009

Hootsmon Headlines

Younger readers may not know about an American sixties TV show which featured a boy and his dolphin, Flipper.
Dolphins are quite intelligent, sleek creatures who may have a language of squeaks and screeches, pick on porpoises and have a mouth shaped in a perpetual grin.
They don't live in houses of course, but seem to go back and forth between rich fishing grounds, switching between them periodically...


  1. And when the Flippers leave or get booted out - will they say "so long and thanks for all the fish?"

  2. Don't forget the duckhouses Dram.
    If it looks like a duckhouse, and sounds like a duckhouse, we have at least to consider the possibility that we have a small aquatic birdhouse of the family Anatidae to pay for.

  3. Much extended, and gratitude for all the marine animals of the phylum Chordata.

  4. Either never post pished... or always post pished. One or the other, never both. ;-)

    Excellent blog as always.

  5. Posting a comment on Conans Blog

    Act 1
    Scene 1
    Take 23

    Action :-

  6. "Never post pished folks..."

    That puts a stop to most of my nocturnal drivel then!

  7. I'd actually just come back from the pub when I posted that, perhaps it was a memo to self...
    Welcome Col.The regulars of the piano bar are almost re-united...

  8. Anyone know why the Scotsman website is down?
    I can't do a Hootsmon without a Madaxeman headline...

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