Sunday 25 April 2010

Hootsmon Headlines

From the sandbagged redoubt of my bedroom.
However, the supplies of beer are running low, so back to the fray, a few verbal sallies, a kiss and a cuddle of Grandsons no2 and no3, complain the headache is winning again, raid the fridge and back up here to hunker down and wait for victory...


  1. The Pope has sent them a two word letter "Withdraw! withdraw!"

  2. Don't they go "pop" when tht happens?

    Anyway, the good thing is he might not come now because he's seriously gone in the huff over the disrespect. It seems that telling someone off and transferring them to other duties is punishment suitable only for paedophiles, not FO clerks.

    But, I think I can see the traces of egg on Spuds visage....

  3. Ratzinger's ex leader didn't like withdrawing...
    Was Spud ever an altar boy...?
    Lets all have a laugh at the mad Times readers...

  4. Wonderful Conan. I'll nick that.

  5. I guess you can understand why other religions are sometimes jealous of the Catholic Church when they show off a mitre the size of that.

  6. You're welcome as always Rosa.
    That's his shower cap Donald:¬)

  7. The new Hootsmon podcast with the fragrant Lesley Riddoch nailing her bloomers to the mast proves you spot on yet again, Conan. Do you have a bug under the Madaxeman's desk?