Monday 12 April 2010

Some Famous Twitters

After Mark and Bruce got sacrificed on the high altar of hypocritical hacks last year for saying that dreaded c word, you'd think Mark, at least, would be prepared to indulge in some well earned Schadenfreude on young Stuart MacLennan.
"It's incredible to me that we are still stuck in this bizarre white bread existence that never was; a land where people aren't allowed to swear, make mistakes, be rude, or perish the thought, express painfully honest opinions. Where those who seek public office are expected to have sprung fresh from a virginal mother's womb, untainted, sporting action man genitals and lead wholesome lives never causing trouble and only visiting us as a precursor to sainthood."
Nice one Mark.
I liked a couple of Stuart's Twitters and have repeated them above.
I'll never be able to stand for the Labour Party now...


  1. Bet that's ruined your life....

    Did you go to Eton or Fettes?

    There might be a vacancy in the Tories?

  2. Alas Tris, I don't have any servants to do my thinking for me...

  3. Mark is a distinctly more kindly person that I would be in his position or am for that matter. In fact, I laughed--several times.

    And I don't think Mark's r remarks were necessarily all that well taken, kind though they were. I never saw Mark make nasty remarks about the elderly or the poor, only politicians.

    As far as most of us are concerned, politicians are fair game. I've quoted the rather frank spoken Harry Truman on the subject, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."

    Although I do put some of the twits down to youthful stupidity, but then what the HELL was Labour doing running a stupid youth for MP??

  4. Och Jeanne, all the guid yins are in the SNP?

    Probably no, but ye ken whit ah mean...

  5. Haha. Yes, I know what you mean. No, they're probably not all in the SNP but if they called their granny bad names in the SNP I'm pretty sure someone would give them a good slap instead of sending them to run for public office.

    (Ever wondered why it is acceptable to throw yer daddy's mammy aff the bus though?)