Friday 23 July 2010

Hootsmon Headlines

Who passed their exams?(for them) I think we should be told...


  1. You can't quite see the `fag` in Boris's picture, as he seems to be just out of shot.

  2. Is THAT where the American word "fag" came from Hogday?

  3. Right enough why does Eton cost so much when it spews out people like those two that would give idiots a bad name.

    Cameron even got an A-level in history, they missed out the second world war though.

  4. I'm sure Mandy will cross the floor soon enough Hogday, he's already double crossed Broon.
    It's a German company that makes ball bearings tris.
    Or someone who bares balls maybe.
    The English seem to cherry pick history Munguin.
    Every "British" schoolchild knows all about Crecy, Poitiers and Agincourt, but know SFA about Bauge or Formigny.
    I'll wait for a comment from Smee now...

  5. I never knew about the good ship `Hector` and its Scottish pilgrims until I went to Pictou, Nova Scotia. That was left out of my history lessons, too.

  6. I'm afraid Scots history abounds with such occurances Hogday.

  7. Old OC wasn't very popular in Drogheda either, was he? This reads like the native American's `Trail of Tears`. There's something very nasty in the human condition isn't there?

  8. Aye folk with weapons always bully those without...

  9. "The English seem to cherry pick history Munguin.
    Every "British" schoolchild knows all about Crecy, Poitiers and Agincourt, but know SFA about Bauge or Formigny."

    (Can't bear to disappoint you.)

    Just as we're happy to go on and on about Bannockburn here, but we don't seem to talk much about Flodden: superior numbers, but a disastrous outcome through leadership stupidity.

    (Although this stupidity was not just confined to the Scots; you'd think that at some point the military leaders of Europe would have worked out that the English longbow was a devastating advantage and would have been a wee bit more careful and/or imaginative when they came up against it.)

  10. Disappoint Smee? you never do:¬)
    When did I mention Bannockburn above?
    As for the longbow, to be really effective you had to train for years, crossbows you just had to point and aim.
    Tell me, who won the Hundred Years War?

  11. If you listen to the English Crecy was the only battle and they DID win the Hundred Years War. Ask them, and they'll tell you so.

    Not being a Scot I'm perfectly free to point out that the English had even more superior numbers at that battle you're not supposed to mention because the Scots won. It wasn't God awful leadership that lost it though. It was damn good leadership that WON it. Scots also won at Loudoun Hill, Stirling Bridge, the Battle of Byland and the Battle of Culbean to mention a few others. Oddly enough most Scots don't even know they occurred. Brits like Smee do feel pained by the whole thing so we understand his inability to admit it.

    The American feels pissy today. I don't hate you, Smee, just your politics.