Friday 17 September 2010

Hootsmon Headlines

A half hour o' peace from the grandbairns, a couple of Leffe and some usual contempt for the concept of religion and royalty in one post.


  1. Excellent, what a shame they could not have included Lord George in there somewhere!

    I fear we don’t have much longer to laugh at the Haberdasher in Chief as he gets on his House of Lords space hopper and retires to the house of doddering old farts for a well earned rest at £300 a day, (with his jolly good friend Lord Emmerdale of Malawi) and passes the baton of regional listlessness to that blogger extraordinaire (only retired from it twice) Kezia Wallydugdale, the shy retiring gal who has been reluctantly propelled into the limelight at the top of a regional list (at last!) after years of untiring service, mindless agreeing and slavish towing of the party line.

  2. I've just explained to an English friend by email, that a "poke of viagra" as well as being a collective noun, means "bag of viagra" in Scots; poke being related to pouch.

    I've no had a poke o' anything fur ages...

  3. Oh, Conan, you are naughty and excommunicated. As a few free I've got to ask the question - if Tony Blair can be given absolution - how do I join?

  4. Munquin,

    Don't mention Lord George to Conan, it's a touchy subject and a bit close to home.

  5. Sorry Brownlie: but what are we going to do without that haberdashing figure in Scottish politics?

    Conan: I hope you have not been out haberdashing behind our backs!

  6. Brownlie, you can get freeview if you buy a modern telly.

    Psst Munguin, (brownlie thinks I'm wee Geordie.
    The puir sowel has had his brain addled from all those years posting on the Scotsman.)

  7. A poke, it is also a one worded instruction manual, quite a super marketing tool.

    Just like patenting the word vacuum for a Hoover.

  8. Conan,

    Of course I don't think you're wee Geordie, your lordship.

  9. I might have know that Annabel's knickers would get you posting. I'd no idea they were THAT tartan though... My recollection was that they were blue.... Sorry, I meant my information was that they were blue...true.

  10. tris,

    Are you sure it wasn't very cold that night?

  11. Conan, have neglected visiting for a while; first-class, had a good chortle. Thanks. Ayrshire

  12. it happens, brownlie..... umph.....

    Good manners prevent me going farther... I'm sure you'll understand..

  13. Long, long, long time no see Ayrshire...

  14. Hi Ayrshire, dinnae be a stranger.

    You still talking to Oms?

    Tris, we are all gentlemen on here, and shall pretend we never seen your post...

  15. Ayrshire Scot has a wee speshul place in my chuckle bag.

    During the cut and thrust of blogging against Jeff of SNP Tactical Voting, he described him as a

    "Sycothphantic aromatherapist"

    Still chuckle over that.

  16. Greetings, Ayrshire, what happened to the blog you were going to start????

  17. Oh by the way a poke is also an instruction in Beginners Allpurpose Symbolic Instuction Code (BASIC) anyone who had a ZX Spectrum will no doubt remember that.

    I thought Annabel's knickers would be a good Prince of Wales Check.

    Conan, hope nothings been let out of the bag regarding your doppleganger (M'Lord) can you run me up some saltire ribbons when you are next in London (the frilly ones with ermine trim) and don't forget my half gross of portcullis embossed gold buttons.

  18. Damn Conan, I'd forgotten you were all gentlemen on here. I must remember to reserve my knavish comments for eslewhere on the blogisphere. You have my most profound apologies. Please don't blackball me...

  19. Brownlie - I wasn't going to start a blog, perhaps just an idle notion, busy with work

    Bugger - I don't recall "sycophantic aromatherapist" but is looks like the type of thing I would write. That Jeff was a bit insipid and it was related to the "Monty wars" where Jeff was hither and yon with the prevailing wind

  20. Conan, I shall try to visit more often, your content is hilarious, I had forgotten how good - and no, not heard from Spooky, sniff sniff

  21. Conan! I wish you'd showed me this a year earlier! An efternin spent nursin' ma sair belly an' feelin' sorry fur masel' made a' the better fur rakin' ower yer back posts! Ye're a feckin' hoot, mon!

  22. Munguin; a BASIC poke...I'll not GOTO there.

    tris, well, there are a *couple* of ladies too...

    AS, too bad, miss the wee fitba player.

    Pseudonomy, welcome :¬)

  23. Conan,

    So far as I can make out Spooks isn't in touch with anyone. We used to email pretty much daily, but since he went away at New Year for a break with his Mrs, I haven't heard from him and my emails have gone unanswered.

    I guess he felt he had to make a break with the whole blogging thing. But I don't know anyone that doesn't miss him.

    It was him that got me blogging when I was so sick after my op. I'll never forget the help he was to me then!

    He's one of the good guys and I don't mind admitting that I miss him a lot. (sniff)