Saturday 11 December 2010

Hootsmon Headlines


  1. Conan
    Thats what happens when you listen to an English weather forecast(i suspect a deeper unionist plot)
    I heard Iain Gray had a phone call from 'London' a few days ago after which he was full of bonhomie and less Fuddlike he even kissed his barometer in the hall
    'Many a mickle makes a muckle' and Girl..Feck....Arse in a mock Irish Accent

    its a bit of do i must say

  2. Hmm, a plot by the Met office to discredit a Scottish crazy it might be true...

  3. Great skit - shame about Stewart but I think the coniving hand of the BBC is hovering over this. Trying to cover their vile buts

  4. Surely the BBC would never be against the SNP. That would be taking sides in politics and the BBC would never do that... would they?

    That's like suggesting that Liberals are liars... and no one would ever do that, would they?

    As for the car, d'ya think that next time it happens the Met will shoot people... That would be interesting