Friday 3 December 2010

Hootsmon Headlines


  1. Oh yessssssss. Goal

    Perfect. You have Richard Baker to a tee... you're not him are you?

  2. Three - nil, Gray, Baker and the world cup bid. What a guy!

  3. PS I think it's time for something sending up Ian McMillan of CBI Scotland for his regular shafting of the Scots. "Scotland pays for CBI failure"

  4. The guy in the blue looks as if he'd be a valuable asset to Hibs.

    I take it Richard is not Joe Baker's son?

  5. I could take that ath an inthult Trith.

    Cheers Dram.

    Brownlie, stop imagining an alternate universe where Hibs win things, using the President of FIFA as some sort of bribable Soccer autochthon.

    Like call one Dave did.

    It's bad for your health.

  6. Conan,

    If they won things all the time it would get boring and I'd stop supporting them, ahem.

    ~Stop confusing me with big words like "autochthon", Sounds like the place the Proclaimers come from.

  7. Heh, like it Brownlie?

    I've got shares in

  8. Oi Brownlee, that is Auchetermuchty, home of Jimmy Shand as well!

    I used tae live in Freuchie for a god few years and my ex still lives there.

    Story was that every time ther was a breakout from the local "special" hospital they Fife Polis automatically and immediately set up a cordon sanitaire around the 'Muchty.

    If the loonies ever succeeded to break the cordon, there was nae fekin chance of finding them.

  9. Bugger

    You mentioning Jimmy Shand reminds me of when I went for a weekend to Dunblane Hydro only to find that they had a Scottish Country Dancing weekend. I was hoping for a Highland Fling but no such luck.


    Lest I forget, I'm away for a short trip on Monday so can I offer you my best wishes for your forth-coming birthday the following week - you're twenty-first, I believe, but then I'm very gullible.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who wishes you all the best and keep up your brilliant and incisive work!

    Signed: JB the sook!

  10. When the party hit full swingI saw you come reeling inYou had that six pack in a strangleholdNow you stagger, now you swayWhy don't you fall the other way'Cos I've got something here worth more than goldCHORUSDon't sit on my Jimmy ShandsDon't sit on my Jimmy ShandsThey don't mend with sticky tape and glueDon't sit on my Jimmy ShandsDon't sit on my Jimmy ShandsThat's my very best advice to youCall me precious I don't mind78s are hard to findYou just can't get the shellacSince the warThis one's the Beltona brandFinest label in the land[ From: ]They don't make them like that any moreCHORUSDarling though you're twice my sizeI don't mean to patronizeHoney, let me lead you by the handFind a lap or find a chairYou can park it anywhereJust don't rest your cheeks against my manCHORUSNo shindig is half completeWithout that famous polka beatThat's why they invite me, I supposeWaltzes, Strathspey's, eightsome reelsNow you know how good it feelsCrank that handle babe, away she goesCHORUS---------------------------------------------Conan Did someone mention Jimmy Shand? Richard Thomsons lyrics says it all a great tribute from one great musician to another I hope things are fine with you All the Best Willie

  11. Jimmy Shands Richard Thompson.

  12. Thanks Willie. If I were a brass monkey, I'd be in serious trouble, but apart from that everythings fine.

    My favourite Richard Thompson song is-