Tuesday 30 November 2010

Hootsmon Headlines

The four furry friends and I have been having a ball the past couple of days; they love the snow even though it's up to the shoulders of the three wee ones.
My particular part of the village is cut off by nine inches of snow and abandoned cars, though we can struggle to the main road which is semi-passable but I wouldn't want to try waiting on a bus.
The only down side (at the moment) is that the grandbairns are out making snowmen and sledging, two of them for the first time...and we can't get to them.
Ah well, off to the pub.


  1. Conan

    abandoned you stolen and abandoned.....
    that Salmond is an evil nationalist in the
    mold of Slobodan Milošević nasty piece of work

  2. Grandchildren is it? Beat them, Conan, beat them till they bleed! That's what I'll do with mine if my off-springs start breeding - hopefully in about thirty year's time when I'll be too old to beat them myself but the thought is there.

  3. What on earth are you on about Niko?

    The penguins are taking over. We shall all be part of the Empire of Antarctica, and there will be nothing we can do as we slide and slither hither and yon... or whatever.

    Maybe one of the junior Penguins will take over running the Labour Party and we shall see a dramatic improvement in their performance. They'd be out of the fisheries policy tout de suite, and it would be pilchards for all.

  4. Conan,

    You'll have noticed that I did not comment on that tosser Niko's comment as you know that Wee Free Buddhist don't swear.

    PS: What's he on about?

    Has that bastard Salmond been slaughtering dissidents again a la Milosevic? That Swinney has a cold-eyed (not swivelled) look about him.

    That Jackie looks as if she's demolished a few in her times. Is she one of Salmond's heavy mob?

  5. Conan,

    Yes, I am a teensy bit bored - thank Christ for your blog - and Tris's but Niko seldom replies to my words of wisdom on his blog - come to think of it, neither do I.

  6. Ahem.

    Whit post furst.

    That's whit ye get when yer a Zen Wee Free, Brownlie.

    Personaly, I hold Tuesdays sacred.