Tuesday 16 November 2010

Hootsmon headlines


  1. He He He... I see it didn't take the Tories long to organise a royal wedding to lift the mood of the country... (I'm as happy as a happy thing singing Ken Dodd's song). It took Mrs Thatcher about the same amount of time to get the last one organised... and what a success that was! Mrs T the matchmaker? (I'd not give up the day job if I were her... no, wait a minute, she was shite at that too.)

    As for Monica, she's not aged well at all, has she?

  2. Thought you were going to say "Can't think of a new moniker?" but that might have been in bad taste.

  3. Heh, brownlie, been cast out again.

    The Last Time.

    Nae mair Scotsman fur me.

  4. Conan,

    Don't let the b.....'s beat you. Get back in there, we'll recognise your style whatever you call yourself or, failing that, ask for a job as a head-line writer using the Hootsmon as your CV.

  5. The American press goes absolutely BONKERS over your stupid royals. *edits out rude remarks about royals and what should be done to them*


    (*edits out more REALLY rude remarks that include comments about what nationality the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha really is*)

    If you insist on keeping them around at least have the decency to NOT tell US "news" reporters about weddings. Gah!

  6. At a time of National crisis, sentiment, particularly mawkish, wanky, pointless visceral sentiment is good for keeping the masses under control.

    I don't blame the Royals, I blame the Editors who commission this tripe.

    See my Royal special